I just subscribed, and i didn't receive my login or password yet??
Your login and password, as well as other infos on our server and services, are automaticaly sent to the email address you gave when you proceeded with payment. Please verify that you received a confirmation,   that your email adress is correct or that your firewall didn't stop our mail.
In case you have persisting problems, contact us at : Support
How to get my login/password after subscribing ?
You just have to get connected to our website to find all your connections infos.
How long after my registration, may I begin to download?
Accounts are activated imediately after registration. You my begin to download as soon as you receive confirmation by mail. If you didn't receive your login, please contact us at this address : Support
I lost my login and/or password. What shall i do?
To receive your info by mail, Clic here
How do i setup my newsgroup player?
You can have a look at our Tutorial Pages in order to find examples of newsgroup client setup.
How do i download on the newsgroups?
Have a look at our tutorials to find out how to use a newsgroup client and how to download.
Which payment conditions are accepted ? 
Only paypal (with an existing paypal account) and Credit Card via paypal (no account creation needed)
Is there a minimum duration registration commitment ?
There is no commitment, you fill your account for a month. At the end of the month, the account is automaticaly canceled.
You can recharge it whenever you want :)
You have downloded a file locked whith a password ?
All the content is posted by users connected to the newsgrouip network.

Some malicious users post locked files (It’s not possible to find the password, the content of these locked files are usually fake), most of the time it’s written in the search results of binnews and binsearch.

You just have to avoid them and search for another version of the same file.

We remind you that we only provide access to the newsgroup network, we do not post any file.
I have an error like: “webupdate.exe stopped or didn’t succeed to install (0x0000135)” what should I do ?
This message means that you need the .NET framwork 2.0 from Microsoft, you can download it here :


Install it and reboot your computer, then PureNzb will work fine !
Why use PureNzb rather than (GrabIt, Newsleecher, AltBinz, NiouzeFire) ?
PureNzb is free for our customers and allows :

Reparation and extraction
A media center
RSS feeds
and there is NOTHING to configure !

Get it here : PureNzb
Why downloads are one after another and not all at the same time?
For example, you’re downloading 18 files, each file take 20 min to be downloaded, the 18 files are downloaded one after another, this way as soon as a file is downloaded you can access it, after 20min you can access the first meanwhile the others are downloading.

If you download the 18 files simultaneously you have to wait that the 18 are finished in order to access the first, so you have to wait 18 * 20 = 360mn / 60 = 6H to use the first file.

All the slots available in your offer are used to download the first file, you will not download faster downloading 2 files at the same time, on the contrary you will download 2 times slower because the speed will be split between the two downloads.
My download speed is not as usual, from where does this can come from ?
First, if your on wifi, go closer to the wifi router or connect by cable

There is some tests that you can do :
1) reboot your router/box and try again
2) check that your TV is OFF (this need a lot of speed)
3) test your max speed limit on your line on http://www.speedtest.net and compare the results whith your download speed (check the unit)
My subscription was renewed automatically, why ?
Last month instead of click on “One-time payment only" button you clicked “Automatic renewal”, we always leave the choice to the client.
You can immediately stop the automatic renewal connecting on the “my account” page on our website, at the bottom you will see a link “Cancel my subscription”, click then on “Unsubscribe”, and you will be redirected to Paypal’s website to cancel your automatic renewal profile.

Of course there is no commitment and your account will stay active until your credit-days end.
Next month click on the payment button : One-time payment only.
I changed my credit card and paypal is no more paying, what to do ?
Your old automatic payment profile is stuck (after you changed your credit card)

Connect on “my account” page on our website, then click on the “Cancel My subscription” link and follow the steps on the screen to cancel your Paypal old automatic payment profile

Then you will be able to subscribe again
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